Thursday, July 10, 2008


Working at VBS again this year has made me think about church camp from when I was a kid. The camp I went to was called "Hooplagrande" It was soooo much fun. We met at the church and took a bus to this outdoor day camp and there were all sorts of fun things to do. We would meet in these little tree covered dens with our group leaders for teaching time and I remember there was a zip line. The bus was a blast because we would sing songs like "spring up old well ....splish-splish-splish-splash...." and "the wheels on the bus" ...and ... "give me wax on my board, keep me surfing for the Lord" But my favorite song was the camp song!! I remember every word:

Oh they say that camps are boring and they're never any fun
But we know the camp were going to is surely number one.

We drive the counselors crazy and we keep them on the run
The fun has just begun!

Singing songs and running races
Itcyr skeeters in all places

We gather in our dens with friends
To learn of Jesus Christ

Hooplagrande is the BEST

Hooplagrande is the BEST!!!
_____________________ really WAS the BEST!!


  1. sounds like so much fun!! We didn't have church camp, but I remember LOVING VBS. And then some of my best memories are from mission trips with the youth group. Good times.

  2. I have great memmories from my church camp too. We went to a boy scout camp (It was just girls though)that had cabins and a lodge and a lake to canoe in. It was great fun.

  3. 1. your page has a great design!!! how did you do this???
    2. what is vbs? sorry if this is something really well known :(
    3.I think that girl on the slip and slide IS going to kill you :)
    4. new to sits and came over to see your site
    5. yadda
    6. yadda
    7. yadda
    8. how excited are you for 08/08/08!

  4. what happened to me on the top commenters section? Have I been outlawed from your comments? Please, oh, please...what did I do? ;)

  5. Sarah (Jones) ThulinJuly 12, 2008 at 12:35 AM

    OK, OK,'ve finally lured me out of "lurkdom"! I totally remember Hooplagrande!! And then going back and volunteering as a 'counselor' for it in jr. high. Great memories! :)

    I've been lurking on your blog for a couple months, now. I think I stumbled across it from Trish's blog (and now I'll have to go leave her a comment, too!) I always feel sort of weird leaving a comment when I don't have a blog of my own to share....though I hope to jump into the world of blogging soon! I LOVE your blog designs, BTW. (I just told Chris that would make a great present for me next month!)

    Anyway, thanks for the trip down memory lane!!!

    Sarah (used to be Jones) Thulin

  6. I LOVED Hooplagrande!!And "Pineapple". And I also remember all the words...Remember Muffin Meadow? We had to watch out for the sheep poo...and I loved the zipline. I was a den leader in middle school, too. ahhhh, good memories!

  7. At camp, whenever we would have to gather for morning or evening announcements, we would all sing out: Announcements! Announcements! Annoooooouncements! A terrible death to die! " " A terrible death to be talked to death! A terrible death to die!

    Camp songs are the best :)!

    Thanks for the fun flashback!

  8. Here's some virtual surf wax for that heavenly surf board of yours! Cowabunga!

  9. When I was a kid, church camp was fun; it continues to be fun now that I'm an adult and in charge! I never liked sleepaway camp as a kid, though--I missed my Mommy too much!

  10. I loved Hooplagrande as well, but you know I don't remember the song. I remember standing up on the bus and leading some of the songs on the rides to and from camp. I remember on Friday all the moms and dads come to hear about what we learned all week, and stuff like that. I had one of the worst migraines ever! I remember being so disappointed!

  11. Oh, I have the BEST memories from church camp! Thanx for reminding me of them!

  12. Hooplagrande... what a funny name.


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