Monday, July 21, 2008

From Fun to Sentimental....

First I want to show you my newest pre-designed Brand Name look. It's for all those teachers out there looking for a way to communicate with parents and students and do it in style! I'm calling it Schoolhouse Teacher.

I got a few blogs done last week. A couple Couture looks, and a couple pre-designed Designer Label looks.

The first was a Couture look was for Jacki who was the winner of the big SITS giveaway! She wanted something bright and fun to reflect her personality!

The next Couture look was for Kelly of Jewelry by kd designs. Not only did I do her blog, I did her business cards, shipping labels, and packing labels. Hop on over to her blog to check out her jewelry!

Then it was onto a pre-designed Designer Label blog for Miss Matz! Do you recognize it?

It use to look like this......She paid a little extra to have the colors of this pre-designed look tailored to her personal taste!

I love the idea of this last blog I did. It was orignally a pre-designed Designer Label look titled "ribbon wrapped vintage". But now it is the home of a family memorial blog to honor the life of Emily LaRue Gardner McCleve. The family will be using it to share the stories of her life. Beautiful idea!


  1. These are fabulous designs! I think I'ma gonna have to hire ya to re-do mine!! BTW, I'm hosting another Great Pop'rs Giveaway, starting tomorrow. Aunt Julie is planning a rehearsal dinner in honor of Big Bear and Little Red's upcoming wedding, and she needs your help! Please join the fun tomorrow on my blog, by helping Aunt Julie out!!

  2. I LOVE what you did for Kelly. I am still thinking about what I need...I am rethinking my ideas a little bit. We're diving into the adoption process, and I'm thinking that my business profits are going to be going right to my adoption fund, and I want to include that in my advertising...We aren't sure yet, where from, so I kind of want to hold off until I know. I'm thinking it will likely be Ethiopia, but we aren't sure yet...sorry for the novel! I was really commenting to say I love your new designs!

  3. I commented on this yesterday, and it's not there. I wonder how oftn this has happened? I am thinking atleast about 8 times....Cuz I can't believe that Kelly is ahead of me in comments. I'm coming to get ya. Lol!

  4. just started the wheels turning in my brain. I have a daycare blog that is pretty much just pictures and weekly updates, but I could totally have copies of my handbook and important forms on there...

    What would a blog design with a daycare theme...kind of like that school house one cost??

    You. Are. Good.

  5. All of them soooooo pretty! I've been getting a lot of comments asking where I got the kit to do my blog. I tell them its custom designed and that THEY CAN'T HAVE IT!----and then I wondered, can they? Are Dick and Jane exclusively mine, or would you do one similar for another person? Just wondering! These seem like one of a kind art pieces to me---and no body wants to know there are 2 Mona Lisa's out there, right :)?!


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