Monday, April 7, 2008


Well, we are back home from Phoenix and it is 40 degrees colder here than in Phoenix! Needless to say....I'm stinking COLD! It was sooo sad to get off the plane and see the cloudy gloomy sky again! It is supposed to be nice later this week though. YEAH!

We had a lot of fun in the sun and we got to spend some time with friends of ours who moved to Phoenix a few years ago. I need to download my pics. So I'll post some tomorrow well as some updated pics of the house progress. Looks like we should be ready to sheet rock in about two weeks! That means that I have A LOT of decisions to make VERY SOON! Paint....flooring....backsplash.....tile......countertops....trim style....etc. But after a week of rest and relaxation, I'm ready to go!

Oh, by the way....I went with option 2 from the last post. Part of the reason I wanted to figure it out is that I want to put sconces above the beds in my kids' rooms. Like these.......


  1. Welcome home! Sorry for the gloomy weather. Call me.

  2. #2 was the best. Good job taking my advice, I know it was my opinion that mattered, right? LOL

  3. you seem surprised by our weather in long have you lived in the NW??? :) 2 was the best bedroom layout, as I said... :):)


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