Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bibbies 4 Babies

My friend Lindsay has been developing a new baby product for awhile now. I'm so inspired by her determination to have a vision and see it through.

She has created a magnetic bib. They are soooo cute and so functional. No more velcro scrapes on the back of the neck when your little one rips the bib off. These magnets are strong enough to thwart their attempt to remove the bib. She also has burp cloths. She currently has her products selling in some boutiques and has just recently launched her website. Take a minute and visit her site


  1. shannon, we posted the exact same post...and I swear I didn't see yours first! ha, ha.

  2. your email doesn't work. how do i email you?

  3. buy up all of you with babies! These are the coolest bibs ever.


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