Thursday, April 10, 2008

Building Update

It's been awhile since I've posted pics of the house progress. So here they are......

This is the pine tongue and groove ceiling in the back patio. We will stain this to be natural. We will use the same tongue and groove for the ceiling in the vaulted kitchen, but it will be painted cream.

This is the view from in the kitchen look towards the sink and through the pass thru that looks into the family room.

Here is how the outside of the house is looking these days. The gable on the left and right are shingles and the middle gable with the windows is bat-n-board.

I went to start looking at interior products today. Of course I found the "perfect" wood floor and then found out that the price wasn't so "perfect"! I hate that. Then you compare every other choice to that one! grrrr! It was good to start narrowing down some choices though.

By the way...sorry I had to add the word verification, but I kept getting those "see here" comments, so I had to take action!


  1. i hate word verification. WAAAAAA! that is me whining. Love the tongue and groove. BEEEEEAUTIFUL! My word verfication is "zsvitr" is can you wanted to know. LOL

  2. your place is looking great! can't wait to see the tongue and groove finished. looking forward to the parties : )

  3. Hey, it's coming along nicely!!!


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