Monday, February 25, 2008

It's moving right along!

It's been busy at the property and the house is in full swing!

This was last Monday. They had laid out the floor plan and basically it's kind of like drawing out where the walls will be. It was fun to actually walk the floor plan for the first time!

By last Thursday the exterior walls were up and the house was beginning to take shape. By the end of the day on Friday nearly all the interior walls had been framed in and I could really begin to see the house for the first time!

This is a shot after you come through the entry and look left down the hallway towards the kids rooms.

This shot is from the entry looking into the family room. You can see where the two sets of french doors will be that take you out onto the back deck. On the left of the pic you can see where the family room leads into the nook and the pass thru to the kitchen.

This shot is from up on the hill. It's kind of cool becaue you can see the floor plan.

So like I said, it is moving along! Trusses will come tomorrow (those are what form the shape of the roof!) I went to the cabinet company and turned in all my drawings on Friday. Very exciting!


  1. Oooh it is exciting! Let's hope those trusses can make it to your house.

  2. That is so fun Shan. It is going to be ready in no time. I remember when the house was at this stage thinking "it should only be a month now" because you can see the shape of it and it looks like a real house. But there is soooooo much left to do. Can't wait to see every step of the way.

  3. Awesome shannon!!!! It's moving so fast. Can't wait to see more. Jen

  4. How fun. I remember when we built our house... yeah those memories are repressed......


  5. How exciting to be building a new and beautiful home. It looks huge. How many square feet will you have? BTW, I have been keeping up with your mission trip and the Summitt missions in general.. My churh has done some mission trips to poor countries. Iam a Christian also and attend a Baptist church in Wilmington, NC.
    Kim F.

  6. Wonderful job TJ and crew. Holy Cow movin right along is an understatement. Can you show us photos of what you ordered from the cabinet Co? Love the shot from the hill.

  7. It looks like your home will be such a beautiful sanctuary for your family! The scenery is soooo gorgeous.

  8. The house looks pretty large...can we move up there with you??? We love the view you have.


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