Thursday, February 21, 2008


Tonight we were sitting around talking and my hubby was saying that he thought our son could probably learn to read if we worked with him on it. He is in preschool right now and will go to Kindergarten in the fall. So we get out a Dr. Seuss book and start working on some 3 letter words.....HE DID IT! He was able to sound out words like mop, cat, top, pot, bat, cup!!!! Very exciting! Just had to share my proud parent moment with ya'll!!

In other exciting household news......the new house has exeterior walls and the new shop has a concrete floor! I'll post pics tomorrow!


  1. Hey you better start reading, because Emily is alread way ahead of the both of us, and Colt sounds like he is catching up to you! Lol!

  2. It is so exciting! Brag away proud mamma.


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