Friday, February 22, 2008

interesting finds

Found some interesting stuff out there in the world of do they come up with this stuff?
Lift Oven

Developed for accessibility and energy efficiency, the ingenious 24-inch-wide Lift Oven mounts on the wall or under a cabinet. The ceramic-glass warming shelf rises and lowers at the touch of a button, while the oven above is loaded with 12 cooking modes, including convection.

Helmstown Cabinetmakers
Coffee Caddy

Jimmy Helms' cozy Vaniture collection Coffee Caddy can be built in sizes that accommodate coffee-making systems (including a cup-warming drawer) from various manufacturers. Helms envisions his unique freestanding furniture in offices, breakfast rooms, master baths, or kitchens.


  1. Wow! Maybe you could just set the coffee cart up in a little hut in the driveway to share with the neighbors.

  2. Oh excuse me. I mean the "Coffee Caddy!" What was I thinking?

  3. Oh yes, and you darling would be a valued customer! Your cup would ALWAYS be warm because I would store it in my fancy schmancy cup warming drawer!

  4. Eight I don't know how it could be done however, I would for sure have the coffee caddy installed right into my cupboards, That should be a must !!!! Love your mother

  5. Oh wow, I'm so impressed. Just found your blog and love the look. The coffee caddy is ingenious. I want one!!! How savvy.

    I'll definitely be frequenting your site.


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