Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For Sale!!

I have a ton of things that I need to sell since I'm moving. Maybe it's weird to post them on here, but I have local lookers, so I figure....what the heck!

First Item: $70 for the whole shebang!
This is a lovely Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic set "Postage Stamp" It is a twin quilt, flat sheet, two pillow cases, two white chenille pillow shams, and one decorative pillow.

It will also come with several accessories to help complete the look! Lamp with lampshade covered in matching fabric. Mirror, vases, candle holders.
The other thing that will be included are three wrought iron garden fence pieces. Hang them on the wall side by side to create an instant headboard!
Here I have the twin quilt turned sideways on a queen sized bed. The flat sheet is actually a queen size sheet. So if you use it for a twin bed just tuck it real good, or go ahead and alter it.

2nd item:
Dining Room Table with 8 Chairs - $800
See Craislist PostingID: 571942253 for more details

ok, now I'm getting annoyed with having to post all this info, so just look at these other craigslist posting Id's:

(Portland Craigslist)
Recliner: PostingID: 571933343
Entertainment Center: PostingID: 571948758
Entertainment Center: PostingID: 571958504
Bookcase: PostingID: 571963309


  1. How much for just the wrought iron "bed frame"? It would match my shabby guest room and I don't havea headboard. Are you willing to split it up?

  2. To be clear it is not a bed frame:
    it is three wrought iron garden fence pieces. Hang them on the wall side by side to create an instant headboard!
    Yes, I can split it up. Email me at eightcrazy8@gmail to discuss further.

  3. Wow, that shelf is sure pretty. And your new house looks great so far!

    (this is Angela C from church, BTW)

  4. i may be interested in your table. I'll show it to Ryan when he gets home.

  5. *stomping my foot, lower lip sticking*
    Why do I have to live so far away from you! Love your things you are selling.

    Congrats on the building of your new home and hope it continues to go smoothly for you.

    ~Rhonda from Minnesota

  6. The dining table is SOLD. The iron "headboard" is SOLD!


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