Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Even More Winter Fun!

Many of you commented on our "perfect snowman"
How do you get a perfect snowman....you must have a Type A husband who literally went in and chizeled the snowman with a knife until the shape was perfect! So....it's the hubby that gets the glory for that one!

This first picture is for LeeAnn....this was taken on Sunday before the round of snowfall after the ice....
This is my little Dare Devil......

This is my BIG Dare Devil......

The snow is so powdery that it just FLIES up in your face when you are going down the hill...It's so much fun!


  1. Love the pictures and love that you guys are enjoying the snow too!!!

  2. thanks for the pic....just for me:-) I love this powder! Reminds me of home. In fact we could hardly ever build a snowman because it was just powder.

    Wish I was out there with you. Wish one of my girls' Christmas presents wasn't in the shop. Glad they're too little to really notice that they're missing something.

  3. are you guys really "stuck" out there?

    Oh my, I'd be going crazy right about now. I was able to get out yesterday and today. But have also discovered that staying home is a good thing!

    Your daredevils crack me up and I find it funny that you take pictures of them doing things like that instead of telling them not to! I like to photograph the crazy things my boys do too.

    Merry Christmas to you all

  4. fun times...bet it's a blast making a snowman with that type A hubby of yours! :p

  5. fun fun! that's pretty funny about your snowman!
    where are the pics of you sledding/boarding?

  6. Fun, Fun Fun! At least you guys make it look like fun if I were to ever change my mind about liking snow.

    And how are you capturing all these dare devil shots? You dare devil photographer!

  7. So, I'll have to admit that this all looks like lots of fun - but it looks C-O-L-D, too!

    We're just sitting here in Florida in our shorts and t-shirts. We may could sled in some Florida sugar sand - but somehow I don't think it would have the same effect!

    Glad you all are having so much F-U-N!


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