Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Answers part 4....

Anonymous said:
Tell us what is the number one thing you love about your husband. (gee I wonder if my husband asked this question?)

The think I love most about my husband is that he truly tries to honor God. He seeks to have God sit on the thrown of his heart and because of that he allows himself to molded and shaped by God's hand. I'm a lucky woman to have a husband who really loves the Lord and seeks to honor God with his life!

Blogger Trish said...

If you were planning a "date night" for you and Todd, what would it include?

If Todd plans date night for the two of you what does it include?

Seriously we are kind of boring date night people. It usually consists of dinner and a movie, or dinner and then somewhere else for dessert. Or dinner and walk along the waterfront.

You have often spoken of finding hope for your once troubled marriage. Would you care to share how the healing happened and where you are at now?

Healing happened after many years of simply being roommates. Years of accepting less than God desired for our marriage. Things finally came to a head through circumstances that I choose not to get into in this public of a setting.....but God ultimately saved our marriage. When it seemed to the world that walking away would be the easiest thing to do...instead we turned to the Lord. And we turned to the people in our lives that we trusted to speak the truth of God's word into our lives. Looking back a key word that stands out is OBEDIENCE. When we read God's word and knew that he was speaking to us...we acted in obedience. When God put people in our lives who spoke the truth of God's word to us...we acted in obedience. Being still...reading God's word...listening and being obedient is what allowed us to experience God's healing. And through that Healing we experienced God's Grace and God was glorified! God restored our marriage and made it new, and stronger than it EVER had been previously. We fell in love again and we now have a new outlook on marriage. We don't just sit back and let it happen. We do our best to be pro-active within our marriage. Preventative maintenance...so to speak. We know how bad it can get and we are resolved to never let it get to that point again. So does this mean that there are never bad days...or bad seasons...NO. But now we recognize them and do something about them....instead of just letting satan win by slowly killing our marriage. WE FIGHT...and GOD FIGHTS FOR US!


  1. Oh, Shannon - how your answers give hope to my heart... the last one I mean... I just love your response.

  2. Shannon that was a wonderful post!! Thank you for sharing ((hugs))

  3. We're boring date night people too. We even end up at Target and Costco. But sometimes that's fun. Try taking pictures of yourself in Costco and see if you get in trouble :-)That sounds way worse than it was, but it's still funny.

    Your answer on the marriage one was so good. YOU spoke truth to all of ust through it.

  4. Thanks for sharing from your heart. Can't wait to see you.


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