Thursday, December 18, 2008

**** Arctic Blast ****

According to the news we are experiencing an ARCTIC BLAST! And since we are experiencing an ARCTIC BLAST the only logical thing to do is to have the news on about the weather ALL DAY LONG!!!! Now, when the news is on ALL DAY about the snow there are so many "very interesting" news stories to watch. I mean I just can't get enough of those reporters showing me how their shoes slip on the ice, or how deep the ruler is going into the snow. And PLEASE can I watch that reporter show me how to put snow chains on again...even though I didn't really get to see how since his head was in the way of the camera the whole time! Oh and if I don't get to see the news reporters one more time with their big fury parkas on...well, I just might get depressed if I couldn't see that some more!

AHHHHH! The news is driving me crazy! Is it just where I live or do ALL the newstations around the country do these same stupid things and make everything a bigger deal than it needs to be?

News people....please go away and let me watch the View tomorrow!


  1. Oh how funny Shannon....Jesse and I were just talking about that! Seriously..."ARTIC BLAST"....give us a break! The girls had to practically push themselves down the hill.....on their the 2 inches we got. LOL :)
    Have a great night!

  2. Well it looks like enough snow to keep us from visiting this Christmas. We will see how the weather shapes up this week...but it doesn't look good. I am so sad!

  3. Oh that will just be too sad if your sis doesn't come for Christmas. It would be fine with me if this would all stop next week for all of the included.

    And I really don't feel sorry for those of you who get to watch "real" TV in the MIDDLE OF THE DAY! I don't ever even get to turn mine on unless it's Super Why. Now you can feel sorry for me:-)

  4. AMEN! I do want them available when I am interested in knowing what is going on outside but they don't need to be on 24/, if they could plan to be on right when I need them and NOT ALL FREAKING DAY that would be great...can you work that out for me? :)

  5. Amen to that! It's so silly that they are on all day! I want to watch the Today show again!!

    I have been interested in the weather forecasts, though. With us flying out to California tomorrow night, it's nice to have an idea what we're up against! And we changed our flight from Monday morning to Friday night because of the I suppose I can thank them for something!

  6. I hear you!! I'm in MO and our news stations all do the same thing. My favorites are the tips for being prepared. "Go buy a shovel, don't forget the ice, be sure to have gloves and a hat." Seriously, do people really need to be reminded of these things? Are we not smart enough to figure this out on our own?

  7. Our news stations do that too... only we are not experiencing an arctic blast.. it's summer here. Very hot today infact!

    I understand your annoyance though! We had the same thing when it flooded the other week

  8. LOL I had the news on for a couple hours tonight while doing other stuff and yes, it was snow this, ice that...blah blah blah!!! We're going to extend our news / weather until 7pm so we can let you see the buses stuck on all the different Seattle hills. :0P They've been there for 12 hours, ya know!?!

  9. oh, i am about to give them a serious piece of my mind! of course, this would be the week we went back to basic cable so when we do sit down to watch there is nothing but news, news, news!
    so sorry to hear your sis isn't coming for christmas!

  10. LeeAnn,
    the view is my daytime show. I DVR it every morning and then when it's time to fold clothes...I watch the view! I used to be a total daytime tv junkie...but now that's the only daytime show I watch...well sometimes I watch me some regis and kelly...but that's on DVR too.
    So really...I'm doing chores while I watch. Multi-tasking!

  11. So with all the news you've been watching, did you happen to see the chains demo that WE saw??

    Say no to crack were the words my husband shouted out... He had to rewind to show me. Not kidding. The guy was putting chains on, back to the camera, crack entirely exposed. Lovely. An image I hope leaves me soon!

  12. Rob and I have been laughing about this for two days. I said something about checking the weather and turned on the TV and he said, "Like the news will be on now."

    I just turned it on and raised my brow. We think it is as crazy as you do.

    But have you looked outside today!? I am strangely loving it. I already took like 20 pictures this morning.

  13. I agree, although out TV has been playing movies for the kids and I never watch TV until evening, but what little I did see was a bit annoying!!! It is so pretty outside. Yes, Shannon, I did post some pics but will be taking more today.....maybe of the deer tracks ACROSS our pond!!! I was so glad the ice it thick enough that we didn't hear a deer screaming!! Oh, that would have been sad! As long as we have heat, water and electricity and MILK, I say...."BRING IT" to the "arctic blast"!!!!! I hope your sis still gets to come for Christmas though!!

  14. Ditto from this girl!
    And I'll trump it with an AMEN too!

    I agree, do we really need to hear about the snow all day long! Come on, an hour in the am, afternoon and evening is plenty. Not all stinkin, day long!

    Like my blog says, Snow, Snow, GO AWAY!

    Wow, the word verification words are getting longer

  15. Can anyone donate their private jet to fly us home for the holidays? Please...someone call Diddy!

  16. Oh, I hope you didn't take my comment as "I'm so busy doing things I don't have time to sit and watch TV" That's not what I meant at all. Believe me, I veg during the day....probably a lot more than you do. I just wish I could watch those programs, but I have little ears around all day that would ask all kind of questions about topics they don't need to hear. I am starting to tape more daytime shows that I miss because I do like them more than most things that are on at night....except house hunters. I love to fall asleep to house hunters. :-)

  17. My internet has been down for a day and a half and just came back on!....

    oh, offense taken whatsoever! No worries! Wish you guys were already in the hood. we had so much fun today and then all the neighbors came over for night sledding on our hill tonight!


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