Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm On Fever Watch!

My daughter seemed to have gotten away with not being sick like the rest of us....until tonight. She was complaining about her tummy hurting. She wasn't really acting like herself before she went to bed. A couple hours later I went in to check on her and she was burning up! Maybe she just gets really hot when she sleeps? I guess the morning will bring the answer. We are suppose to host a tea party for her to grandmas on Saturday....please pray she is not sick...or if she already is...that God would bring quick healing like he did for my son and I. Hopefully we can still have the party! I've been getting things together for setting a pretty will follow if we are able to go through with it!

Yesterday I asked my prego SIL for the honor of hosting her baby shower. The shower will be sometime in May but I will be creating invites, favors, decor and stuff like that between now and then. I think I'm going with baby blue and birds. I'm thinking some sort of bird's nest for table centerpieces. So stay tuned for little sneek peeks along the way! AND my daughter's b-day is coming up at the end of april. She has chosen a disco/dance party theme. I just bought the strobe light today! I purchased supplies for the invites last week. So stay tuned for some of those fun goodies as well!

The fever is here and so is the puke! She's only thrown up once though...let's hope it stays that way! Looks like the tea party is postponed =(


  1. My poor sweet Emily! I am so sorry honey-

  2. Oh Shan, so sorry Em is sick too! I'll be praying for her!

  3. Let me know what I can do for Mrs. D's or whatever you need...


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