Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor....or the Skuzbucket?

This is going to be brief....I will update this post after I see the final show tonight with the "one last surprise"!!

It had to happen eventually....I figured that sooner or later one of the Bachelors would break up with girl number 1 and go back to girl number 2.

It's not the ending I wanted. I'm curious what tonight is all about.

The party last night at my house for the viewing was fun. I decorated with red roses and rose petals and tons of candles to set the mood! Everyone brought super yummy treats! Thank goodness for DVR....because when you get that many women in a room you are bound to miss something! There was lots of rewinding!

more to come......


Not much to see tonight. I'm guessing the big surprise was suppose to be that Jillian is the next bachelorette. Looks like Molly and Jason are doing well, and happy. She is moving to Seattle. We will see how it goes!

My hope is that ABC will make changes to the upcoming seasons. The people need to spend more time together. More REAL time and less FANTASY time! Fewer girls...more time!

oh goodness....why do I care?


  1. Yup....Skuzbucket is right! Tonight should be interesting.

    Sure wish I was at your party. Girl time is so much fun.

  2. It was very fun watching it at your house last night!! Thanks for the hospitality and the beautiful ambiance!
    The ability to rewind was awesome.

    Can't wait to see what tonight brings.

  3. thanks so much for having us! it was really fun.

  4. Shannon....thanks for hosting! The ambiance was so romantic I almost kissed everyone! Your home is lovely...hope we didn't keep your hubby up too late!
    Super fun girls night!

  5. Us Brit's have another word for him - Dickhead! I thought Melissa showed alot of class, I understand Molly's decision but think she'll live to regret it! We think he needs some serious counselling!

    BTW got here from SITS and then your design site, going home tonight to convince the Hubster that I need your services!

  6. I am soooo glad he didn't do something stupid- like propose to Molly. If I have to hear that he is just following his heart and head...one more time, I might scream. I believe he did the right thing, and I don't think he enjoyed hurting Melissa on tv. That's the way he had to do it, because of contracts and stuff?


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