Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bachelor Alert!

FYI....Melissa is going to be on Ellen today and telling her side of the story for the first time. And the word is that she is saying Jason lied to her.

I know...I'm such a loser!


  1. NO! not a loser! I love that we all have some sort of silly, un-important shows or books or movies that we obsess over.

    not that the bachelor is un-important...I didn't mean to imply...oh, man--will you ever talk to me again?!

  2. I agree with annaliese, guilty pleasures are good to get our minds of things!!

  3. Missed it, but watched on you tube. Melissa seems to be just fine. She seems strong, and moving one! Yipee- Jason, seems to be a bit of a liar....why does Molly want that?

  4. Totally off subject, but why or how did the obsession w/ the number 8?

  5. i'm going to go watch it on you-tube right now.

  6. okay, your bachelor junkie is back after watching melissa from thursday and molly and jason today on you tube. Interesting. Melissa is definitely better off with out him.

    here is the link to the emails she was talking about...


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