Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I went on a date with my son tonight. He was so cute. He went to his room on his own and put a sweater on over his shirt so that he looked nice for the date. I on the other hand was just wearing my Tennessee hoodie. You see last time we went on a date he MADE me wear a dress. I HAD to be all fancy! Then when he chose where we were going to go eat it was this little mexican fast food joint. Well, lets just say the hoodie was a good choice because he chose the same little restaurant again. The best part though....dinner was only at total of $6.25 for the two of us!!! When they called our number he RUSHED to the counter before me to carry the tray to the table. Then he put the tray down and placed my plate in front of me. When I said thank you he told me "that's what a gentleman does" HOW CUTE IS HE!!!

After that we were off to Target...I know...it's not very "date like" but I had something I needed to get and he was hoping to get a toy out of the deal! He pushed the cart and at one point he wasn't looking when I stopped. He ran into my foot and his little face was just at the right height for his lip to have a run in with the shopping cart handle. YUP...he cut his lip open and there was blood. Luckily it wasn't bad...and nothing a "batmobile" toy couldn't cure! Not to mention a stop at the Target cafe for some ice cream!

As we sat in the cafe I watched a "family". The dad was saying goodbye to his two daughters. The mother...you could see the coldness in her eyes. Her arms were crossed and she wouldn't even make eye contact with him. They debated about whose weekend it was and then he kissed his girls goodbye and told them he would see them next Tuesday. As he walked out the front door of the store he called out to his girls with one last I love and a "call me anytime!"

My heart broke for that family and in that moment I was soooo grateful for mine. For my kids, my marriage, my husband, and for God.

I had to wonder in that moment what had happened to get them to that point. My hubby and I have been through some hard times in our marriage and I'm blessed by how God has taken our struggles and strengthened us. There was something inside of me that wanted to go outside and grab him and sit them down together to share with them the hope of the Lord and how with God a marriage can be restored! There is hope! I wish they knew that there is HOPE! I've seen it! I've watched God restore broken marriages. Marriages that I thought had NO chance.

Now, I realize that I have no idea what they've been through. And I'm not trying to debate what warrants divorce and what doesn't. I'm simply sharing what I've learned in my own life...NOTHING is impossible with God!!!

I pray that as my son grows up and really does start going on dates and eventually gets married that he would cling to the word of God and always choose HOPE!


  1. Oh tears in my eyes at 5:15 am. We must always remember there is HOPE!

  2. I like the date night idea. But hey, I wouldn't get any dates (3 girls). That's ok! Sorry about Colts lip. My buddy- I can imagine watching that situation in Target unfold would be sad. We can only imagine what they have put one another thru and what those kids have had to endure. At least he was demonstrating love to them in that moment. That was sweet. Yes there is HOPE thru Jesus.

  3. You are so right - knowing your marriage struggles, whether you know this or not, has brought me much hope in my own marriage - you and your husband are an example to others of the good works God can do when we confidently trust in Him. I love this paraphrased scripture verse that a friend gave me at work this past week in the midst of my own struggles... she wrote "Do NOT throw away your confident trust in the Lord, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, remember the great reward it brings you; patient endurance...." (Hebrews 10:35) - it just made me feel so able in that moment because of my hope. Great post!

  4. As I'm sitting here reading this, 'Call on Jesus' by Nicole C. Mullens is playing on my ipod. Rather fitting, eh? =)

    How sweet is your son! He sounds adorable.

  5. I am so thankful for God's healing when people are open to it taking over in a marriage!!! Hug little Colton for me and I hope his lip is better today! Sounds like a fun date!!

  6. Absolutely beautiful! Praising God for your example of true forgiveness!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. It just breaks my heart to see famlies get torn apart like that...

  8. your post started out so sweet......then the lip.....poor guy. Then the father saying good bye.....breaks my heart.
    I'm pretty opinionated and black and white when it comes to divorce. There are only a couple of reasons that fly with me. When you have children, you give up the right to be selfish...stick it out.

  9. Just popped over from the Sits site. First let me say, that when the time comes that I want to invest some money in my blog design...you're my girl! I love your designs! You rock.

    Second, your post was beautiful. I felt like I was sitting there with you. You are so right about the "hope."

    And finally, who says Target is not very date-like???? My hubby and I end up there many a date night after we've eaten and seen a movie and can't think of something else to do...but want to wait until the kids are in bed. What's the point in hiring a sitter if you have to come home to kids who are AWAKE??

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving. I'm marking your blog for the future.

    Sandy Cooper

  10. As I was curious as to how many posts I've posted since I started blogging, knowing I was getting close to 100, I came to find out that it has been 88 posts. So I just had to visit the woman crazy about 8's. Eight is actually my very favorite number by the way, it has been since I can remember. This post really touched me, divorce is so sad and hard and horrible. I think the children get the worst of it. Thanks for this post:) I have to plan a date with my little man, it's been too long. God Bless!

  11. Glad you got a date with your son...

    Beautiful post. Love you!


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