Wednesday, November 5, 2008

At the request of my sister.....

My sister, like many of you, is sick and tired of talking about politics. She wanted a non political mindless here it is sis....what can be more mindless than some new pics of my new home!

The den just off the foyer with the chairs I got off craigslist for $25 each!

Pictures from the foyer


  1. Decorating is not a mindless activity! Thats why my house is like empty right now. Well, that and because I don't have any extra cash.

  2. Shannon, I love the Hurricaine with the shells and candle where did ya get it?

    I wanted to tell you two days ago before the whole One blog that I love your passion and your unapolegeticness for the gospel.

    That's all I can say right now because my husband wants me to stay out of it all, and I'm a little late on the whole thing anyway.

    Also love the chairs, what a great deal. Have a great night, Jen

  3. Great pics - great chairs, too. I've never been to Craig's list. Maybe I should hop on over.

  4. love your new chairs! when's the housewarming party... OR did you already have it and I wasn't invited? : (

  5. Did you paint that cute little foyer table? Love it.

  6. It looks great, and really, decorating is more fun than talking about politics anyway. I have to agree that I am tired of hearing about it (Not from you, from everywhere else). Love your house though


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