Monday, November 10, 2008

Cute idea for Thanksgiving Invitation

On years when it is my turn to host Thanksgiving I've come up with this little tradition where my kids are actually the host and hostess. I just simply cook the food and provide my home. My kids make the invitations, and a few years ago we made napkin rings and placemats together. This will be the third year we've used them. I'm excited to pull them out again! I saw this idea on HGTV's website for invitations and it seems right up our alley. We've got tons of leaves outside on the ground since we have a ginormous maple tree in our backyard. If we end up doing it I will post pics of our...but for now, here is the HGTV pic and a link to the has all the instructions on how to do it.



  1. love the idea - they are beautiful.

  2. Very cute. I may be doing Thanksgiving dinner this year. . .of course it would just be the four of us. But who says we can't make pretty invites for ourselves!?

  3. Oh Shannon I love the invites!! How cute! I think I might try this same idea for place cards. FUN...FUN!!



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