Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hello Hormones!

Current Drama: I've lived my entire "womanhood" without having PMS.....that is until the last few months! My husband would confirm that my cycle never use to affect me emotionally...he would also confirm that all of a sudden IT DOES! I feel like a freak. Random tears. Conversations with my hubby...leading to tears. Neither of us know what to do with me.

Funny thought: went to the DMV to renew my license. I got in the car afterwards and put on my sunglasses. Then I had the thought, "Do blind people get to wear their sunglasses in their driver's license photo?"...........a second later............."Hello, blind people can't drive you idiot!" ....Hey, don't judge me, you know you've all had a really dumb thought now and again!

TV: watched Age of Love last night. How many times can that girl possibly cry? She got the boot, and it was about time. I can't believe she was able to pass any sort of mental stablity test to get on the show in the first place.

House: I think we've nailed down a new plan for the house. The original one was too big. Simplify. Ready to move forward now.

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  1. Chocolate makes everything better. I promise. Speaeking of house...got a low ball offer today. GRRRR!


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