Monday, July 16, 2007

First Time

My first blog post. I don't like to type too much, so my words may be scattered, my sentences incomplete.

Life is crazy. House for sale. Travel Trailer for sale.
New house plans incomplete and up in the air.
Tired of keeping my house clean for showings!

Just finished leading crafts all week at VBS for church....
best moment.... when a first grade boy came back into the room to tell me that "This was a nice craft." My heart melted. I pray the hearts of children were changed forever last week!

Creatively Speaking: Getting ready to work on an ad for a local realtor. It don't pay the bills, but it can buy mama a new pair of shoes!

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  1. glad to see that you joined us bloggers. it is a great way to get inside someone brains to see what they are thinking... people just share different things when they can type it instead of say it.


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