Thursday, July 19, 2007

Why EightCrazy?

EightCrazy?: So why EightCrazy a few people have asked me....growing up I played sports.
I was always the number 8. If that number wasn't available I'd pick a number that could be 8...
like in volleyball I was number 24 (2 x 4=8) or 24 divided by 3 (the 3 elements of volleyball...bump, set, spike) =8.
My wedding ring...4 diamond wraps on each side equaling 8
My mom doesn't call me Shannon, she calls me 8 and she calls my sister 1 because that was always her number. We would also do the number switch thing if we couldn't be our original number for some all through college softball my sister was number 8.
My obsession with the number 8 all started because I was a little sister who wanted to be like her big sister. So, I remember her saying once that her fav number was 8 and instantly it was mine. It stuck!
Now you are in the know!


  1. That main pic of you is absolutely awesome. Your eyes look so cool!

  2. That was so touching! I never knew that was why you originally picked the number eight. However, it would make sense that you would copy me, because, I am #1!! Lol! Ttly-


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