Wednesday, February 3, 2010

She's About to Pop Baby Shower

This is the baby shower that I threw for my long-time dear friend Michelle and her sweet baby girl. She's about to pop was a fun theme to work with. Michelle is gluten popcorn is something she can eat with no worries! I tried to incorporate foods that had "POP" in then somehow, someway. Like Soda POP, loliPOPS, POP rocks, POPcorn, etc. I also made one batch of regular cupcakes and one batch of gluten free cupcakes. Both were yummy!

Here is the invitation:


Some of the details.....
cupcake toppers

favor bags filled with pop rocks & ring pops

the little signs I made so people knew what they were eating...AND to emphasize the POP factor!

handcrafted fabric and ribbon banner draped in front of the refreshment table

my jazzed up light fixture was a fun addition and really added a POP of color to the room

(ok, looking back I should've ironed the ribbon...but who has the time!!!)

me and my guest of honor

the lollipop topiary that served as the food table centerpiece

pink popcorn balls

the refreshment table

the food table


  1. Even though I can't say I've ever actually been invited to a baby shower! (do they even invite men?) I must say that if I were invited, I can't imagine a better looking invitation. I love it!

  2. Love it! What a fun did you make gluten free cupcakes? Sounds great!

  3. Hi, I emailed you yesterday, do you sell the graphics so I could print them for my friend's shower next weekend? Thanks!!!

  4. I am loving your blog, so many ideas! Hoping to save my pennies for a custom blog very talented you are. Many blessings to you and your family.

  5. That turned out really great. You didn't need my paper flowers at all. I love the lollipop topiary. I might have to steal a few ideas.

  6. Hi... I am using this them in a few weeks. Loved the table place cards! Do you have the design or sell it?

  7. I loved your take on the "She's About to POP" theme! I borrowed a couple of your ideas and kinda made them my own. Here is a link to my blog:

  8. My husband wanted to have a baby,, but he had an erectil dysfunction problem, so we decided to buy viagra and after that i could be pregnant. All my friend was excited with the new, so they organized an secret baby shower for me. It was wonderful.

  9. I loved the baby shower idea's !!
    I'm also going to make a lollipop topiary...I'm having a hard time making mine stay standing...with all the dum dum's it gets heavy and tips over...PLEASE TELL ME YOUR SECRET?
    I'm using a 6" ball

  10. I love this shower theme! I am hosting one at the end of the month. Do you sell or share the graphics that you created!? Please!! They are so cute!

  11. I need help with the centerpieces, I want to knw if you could walk me through to copy your centerpieces. You can email me st
    Shower is this Saturday!!!


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