Monday, September 14, 2009

My latest designs

Just thought I would share some of my latest work.

The first was for LeighAnne of Your Homebased Mom. It's kind of exciting because this is my very first install on the Wordpress platform (rather than blogger...which is my normal gig!)

Then I continued on with Wordpress and did this customization for Sara from Sublime Photo Art

Kim has a tennis fixation and I designed a blog to showcase that for her!

Laura is known as the Duchess of Reel. She's got some fun reviews!

This one was for Tammy in Montana!

Another photog blog, but this one was for Katherine over at Furnished Photography


  1. Your designs are amazing! I really need to get on your list. I just need to decide what I need done.

  2. Love your designs...What a talent! Sublime Photo is my fav!!!

  3. always a fan--but these ones are especially beautiful!

  4. Boy you've been busy. And they look great, as always.


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