Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's almost here...

The day that has always seemed so far off in the distance is almost here. As of Wednesday I will have two kids who attend school all day...leaving me at home all day by myself. I never imagined a few years ago that when this day came I would basically have a full-time job that would keep me super busy and make the days go by very quickly. It's all so surreal honestly.

I'm determined to do more than just work though. I'm planning on doing a bible study one day a week and also getting involved with the MOMS ministry at church again. I will also be taking some continuing ed classes at the local community college so I'm thinking I will be plenty busy. And let's not forget trying to have some sort of schedule to maintain all of this chaos AND get in my daily chores around the house! Oh and while I juggle all of that I will be training for the half marathon I just signed up to do in February.

Yep...I'm officially insane! But my hubby and I are going to do it together! It's on our 12 year anniversary...so we are going to kick off year 13 by running 13 miles!


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