Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Recent Home Pics & Purchases

Before you see the front family room I wanted you to see a couple new purchases I'm excited about...
This is the fantabulous mirror I just bought that I'm planning on hanging above my fireplace! I walked into HomeGoods and instantly fell in LOVE! It should really play off the 12' ceilings in that room quite nicely.

This is the bell I bought that my hubby will be haning on the front pourch. We live on 5 acres and at times it can be hard to find my kiddos when they are outside playing...so this will be what calls them in from now on! Don't you just love it?

The rest of these pics are all from the front family room. Just some of the details of the room. Once I can actually get my hubby to hang the new mirror I will take a picture of the fireplace wall and post it! but for now...here's what you get....


  1. love it! do you go to Kurea up in Brush Prarie? fun home stuff.

  2. I love it all Shannon! I can't wait for you to come over and fill in all the little details on my house! :-) Oh.....and if we have matching bells.....how will our kids know which bell is rining? :-)

  3. You have such an eye for decorating! Nice work...and I love the bell!

  4. OMGoodness! I LOVE the bell - I've been looking for one of those forever for the same purpose! Please share where you found it. Thanks Shannon!

  5. You are a great Interior Designer! I'm a fan of mirrors and I love the one you got.

  6. Everything is lovely. I especially like your rug. That mirror is fab!


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