Friday, August 14, 2009

Here you go Beckie...more home pics!

I was talking to my friend Beckie who lives across the country the other day and she was saying she wanted to see MORE of my here you go!

Guest Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Details

A shot from the outside

The back patio

My Son's Room

His reading corner

the lights by his bed (yes that is dust you see...just keepin' it real people!)

the mud room....I told you the mud room was boring Beckie!
yes...there is a framed corkboard on the opposite wall...but it fell down last week and I have yet to put it back up! =)

For the post and pics on my office / Design Studio
click here

For Pics of the entry and front Den
click here

For Pics of the front room and my daughter's room
click here

The front room has change with some new furniture additions and rearrangement. I will post those pics in the next couple days.


  1. Popped over here from Layla's. Love your creativity! Can't wait to see more. Headed over to your party blog now....

  2. your home is so beautiful!! so warm and inviting looking. I love how you have the back patio set up ~ am definitely going to go rearrange my patio furniture!!

  3. Love your place, very warm and cozy. I have heard rumors about your kitchen, perhaps you can invite me over and we can CAN on that thing. :0)

  4. Thanks I feel a lot more connected to you now and my husband is green with envy for your water feature. Love the outdoor furniture...that is new. Love the lights in Ctlt's room. Isaac and Colt's room is the exact same colors...kinda funny how your decorating style rubbed off on me. And the front of your house to die for. And the mudroom is not boring it is so dreamy.

  5. I love, love your home! It's Awesome! Warm and cozy, just my style.

  6. OH my goodness, your home is BEAUTIFUL!!! Love your style!


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