Friday, July 10, 2009

E-Commerce is on it's way!

I've been taking some time to learn some new things and expand my business lately! What I've been working on is e-commerce. stores. I found a e-commerce platform called Shopify and I've been having fun setting up some demo sites.

My first shopify demo site is an example of a fun whimsical site.

My second shopify demo site is a more tailored looking store.

I'm going to be working on coverting over my MIL's blogsite to a shopify store. Once I'm done with that I think I will be ready to add it to my list of design services. I'm super excited about being able to offer this option! I will keep you posted once I offically add it to my options.

If you want to see more about what shopify has to offer....have a look!


  1. Very cute! I checked out the fun demo site first. Love the little people on there. Can't wait to see and understand more.

    Also - I know it's just a demo site, but if you don't mind my offering a little constructive criticism, you have a misspelled word in the description section. "reflect" is jumbled up.

    Hope you're not offended by me telling you - but those are things that catch my eye. (I do transcription/editing, so it's hard for my brain not to go there)

    Have a great day!


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