Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Crazy Busy Weekend!

I don't know about the rest of you, but my Thanksgiving weekend was CRAZY! It started out on Wednesday. We had family fly in from Georgia and so it was off to my parents house for dinner. Then on Thursday we had everybody over to our house for Thanksgiving Dinner. It was 14 people, so that really wasn't huge compared to some years with my hubby's family when we've had 26! Anyhoo....everybody got here on Thursday about 1pm and we ate, and visited until like 9:30 pm. The food was YUMMY! My hubby was the star who took care of the turkey. He cleaned it, basted it, and cut it! (I seasoned it) Isn't it pretty! I made stuffing for the first time and it turned out great! I've never eaten stuffing before, but I actually ate some this time. I did an apple, cranberry, sausage version.

And I did do the little place card idea that I previously posted.

Then the crazy weekend moved onto Friday. I went out and did some grocery shopping for another event that was on the way. Then it was off to my folks again for my Nanny's (gradma's) famous spaghetti dinner. Yumm-O! Two more family members joined us from California and surprised my mom, because we were celebrating her 60th birthday over the weekend as well. After dinner I headed home with my family plus my cousin Allison (20) and my cousin Caroline (13). Together we began the preparations for my mom's big 60th birthday party on Saturday. We did some food prep, baked cupcakes, and I decorated the cake.

Are you tired yet....cuz I was! So I got to bed about 1:30 am and then was up at 8:30 to make breakfast for everybody and get going on the party prep. Let me tell you this....hear me loud and clear....There is NO WAY I could've pulled that party off without the help of my cousins!!! They were amazing! Thanks Alli and Caroline! I was pretty busy at the party and didn't get a lot of pics, so I'll have to post more when I get them from my folks (hint, hint DAD!) But here is what I do have.

Along with the cake we made three different kinds of cupcakes...oreo, coconut, and orange

We did some mocktails that were a hit.... one third mango margarita mix / two thirds seven up / and a splash of raspberry syrup. We sugared the rim of the glass and added an ice cube that had a lime or lemon wedge frozen inside. They were yummy.

I also did some water bottle and candy wraps. We had the water bottles sitting out on the beverage table and the candies sitting around the house in candy dishes. They had a pic of my mom as a toddler on them...it matched the e-vite that I created and sent out to everybody.

Did I mention that while I was prepping for the party my realtor called to see if she could show the house the next day....I said NO! It would have to wait until Monday. =)
It was a fun party and my house was filled with about 45 people!! It was great to see the family and as soon as they left I missed them!

The party was over and everyone was cleared out by about 10 pm. Then on Sunday it was off to church in the morning and then in the evening we went to my hubby's folks to have Thanksgiving dinner with his family. (I could officially see about 2 days worth of food in my belly at this point) At the end of the evening I shoved one last cupcake down my throat and then it was off to bed. Ooops, don't forget about the showing! By 4:45 on Monday afternoon my house was completely restored and show ready! Oh my goodness it makes me tired again just thinking about it all!

Hope your thanksgiving weekend was fun! Now you know why I haven't posted in awhile!


  1. i seriously was wondering where you went...i thought you were slacking ;-)....hey i want to see the frappucino thingies.

  2. I'm exhausted just from reading all that. I can't believe you're still standing. I'm glad you had a great time with your family. Now relax!

  3. wowza. thats amazing!...and house show ready?...now that takes the cake!! you look different...did you cut your bangs?

  4. do you give away cupcake recipes and frosting recipes? is it a secret? do you just use a bag to make the tops so pretty?

  5. I just use pillsbury boxed cake mix. I always use classic white and devil's food. All I did to alter the flavors was add to the frosting. Go to wilton.com and just use their buttercream frosting recipe. For the orange I added a little fresh squeezed juice and some orange zest into the frosting. For the coconut I just dipped the frosting in the coconut after I had frosted the cupcake. For the oreo I just added finely crushed oreo cookies into the frosting. I also added mini chocolate chips into the chocolate cake mix for the oreo cupcakes. It was actually pretty simple. You could actually just use a ziploc bag to frost them the way I did. I used a wilton plastic disposable bag.

  6. AWESOME!! thanks! way easier than I thought they would be. Thank you! I think I'll have to practice making fancy cupcakes for connor's preschool class for his bday! :)BTW, I like the new look!

  7. Yes, you look fabulous!

    I used to "wonder" if you were wonder woman, now I know the answer. Yes, you may have had help, but you are amazing. I'm so glad everything went well....looks like lots of fun!

  8. oh my goodness you are nuts!!!! Sounds like fun though spending the time with the family like that. Love the cupcake ideas too.

  9. that party looks awesome! That CAKE! Everything looks so so professional.
    Love all your Christmas decor too. I am needing to get mine going.


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