Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Something to post about

Well....more than a month of no blog posts. One friend who lives out of town emailed me to make sure everything was ok...(and I LOVE her for that!) My dad left me a phone message wondering if I was ever going to post again and then called the next day with an idea of what to post about! Oh dad...I LOVE you!

So, let's dad mentioned something about a kmart commercial that took the Lord's name in vein. I haven't seen it...but it sounds inappropriate to me...and obviously to my dad as well!!

I'm currently sitting at my laptop which has no pictures or images in it to upload and frankly...I'm too lazy to get up and go into my office. But I've been up to a few things lately.

Blog are some links to some of my recent designs:


I spent lots of time this fall on the soccer field...well...the sidelines actually. My son played soccer for the first time and he was amazing! It was lots of fun to watch him and the team was really great. All the kids just really had fun and the parents were really great! As the season went on I became more impressed with my son. He's got that natural hustle and go get 'em attitude and he had some skill to back it up! He scored lots of goals! As much fun as he had....he was ready for it to come to an end. The week after it was over he asked if he had to go to soccer practice and I told him "no". He said, "Yay! I don't have to be busy anymore!" I think the main issue was that his practices were on the opposite days as his friends, so they didn't get to play much this fall. I'm looking forward to the rest of the year being fairly mellow. Then it will get crazy in January with CYT for my daughter.

I've also been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a few people to the "neighborhood". One of them is literally my neighbor and the other one just moved 5 minutes away from me...she used to live across town. I stopped by her house today and we chatted for 30 minutes. I'm so glad you moved to the east side Meredith! And LeeAnn...I'm so thrilled to have you as my neighbor. I look forward to some walks for excercise and some morning coffee talks!

That's it for now people!


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